Last night, we had an incident that, up until then, I was sure only happened in movies or on TV. Dan, Kelly, and I went to the Dessert Gallery to hang out, since she’s in town, and we brought home a slice of cake for each of my parents. Kelly wanted to drive the 3, because she doesn’t have access to a stick shift anymore, so Dan and the cake went in the backseat.

When we were getting out at my parents’ house, Dan picked up both boxes of cake and stacked them in one hand so he could close the car door. Sure enough, my mom’s piece of french vanilla cake slid off the top, the box popped open in midair, and … splat! the cake landed on the driveway. We were all so astonished that we just stood there looking at it for awhile. Eventually, I went to get my mom to let her say goodbye to the cake, because it was too funny to just pick it up and explain it later. Dan felt terrible, and doubly so because we all knew my dad wasn’t about to share his piece.

Had this actually been TV, of course, Joey would have walked up to see Rachel and Chandler fighting over who’s on what side of the cheesecake on the floor, drawn out a fork from his coat pocket, and sat down to say, “What’re we eatin’?”

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