Fall ’07 TV

We’ve been sampling some of the new shows, deciding which to give a second viewing (and beyond) and which to ban from our TiVo. So far, the only show I’m really excited about is Reaper (Tuesday, 8:00/7:00, CW). It’s the only new show we’ve watched this week that I’m already looking forward to watching again. Several times since Tuesday, I’ve thought, “Geez, when can I see that again?” And jokingly last night, when we were flipping through our saved shows on the TiVo looking for things to watch, I suggested to Dan, “Torchwood? We have three of them … Mad Men? … Re-watch Reaper?” We ended up catching up on Mad Men, but Reaper really is that good.

The rest of the shows are as follows:

Back to You (Wednesday, 8:00/7:00, FOX): We’ve seen this twice, and we both really like it. It seems to be getting a little less clunky each time, which is how comedies often work. The actors all have good timing, and, despite the network’s and creators’ protestations that it’s not Frasier, it really is a lot like Frasier … but that’s a good thing. It’s got similar pacing, similar banter, and it’s shot very much in the same way, which is not surprising since the producers and writers have a lot of overlap with Frasier. It’s less sweet than Frasier, because there’s a lot more sexual innuendo and no dog, but it’s not overly raunchy. I mean, my mom is watching it and liking it.

The Big Bang Theory (Monday, 8:30/7:30, CBS): I liked it more than I’m willing to admit. Dan has vetted it for geek authenticity, and it measures up well. Let’s just say that it’s not Nobel-worthy, but it wouldn’t get rejected from a top-tier conference either.

Cane (Tuesday, 10:00/9:00, CBS): We were split on this. It’s an excellent cast, but there was no life in the plot. It really just limped along and never got us interested in the story. I’m ready to drop it, but Dan wants to give it a second viewing. Since it’s on up against Law & Order: SVU, which I’ve watched for years, it probably won’t be a permanent addition to our lineup.

Private Practice (Wednesday, 9:00/8:00, ABC): It hasn’t quite gelled yet, but it’s pretty good, especially if you liked Addison (Kate Walsh) from Grey’s Anatomy to begin with. My assessment was that they dove into the characters’ lives too much before we’ve had a chance to start caring about them. When Grey’s Anatomy started, they were pretty patient-focused, and the drama with the characters gradually became more and more important to their storylines. Private Practice has jumped straight to the point that GA is already at, where the characters’ lives are already the central focus.

There really aren’t any other shows that we’re even interested in trying out, at least until mid-season. The possible exception would be Aliens in America, which is supposed to be quite good, but it’s on up against The Big Bang Theory. Interestingly, there’s not one new show on NBC that we’re remotely interested in. I think our NBC viewing is now limited to The Office and the Nightly News. Very sad.

2 Responses to “Fall ’07 TV”

  1. Erin (not erinmak)
    September 30th, 2007 14:21

    I found Chuck to be pretty enjoyable, although I have the advantage of liking things that are slightly silly and not needing geek authenticity. Any character that calls his brother-in-law “Captain Awesome” is all right with me.

  2. jason
    September 30th, 2007 16:33

    I was just about to ask about Chuck. It has about as much geek authenticity as Hackers did, but seems unabashedly fun. Similarities to Reaper seem like a remarkable coincidence, but they both look like they’ll be very entertaining.

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