Students are funny, redux

Just as last year, and once again this is of course unrelated to my reading of the AP English Language exams, I’ve collected some gems of student writing. These were all in response to a prompt about advertising — is it good or bad? what are its effects on society? — and accompanying sources that either attacked or defended advertising. One was a Red Cross “Give Blood” poster, one was a defense of advertising, one was a fairly neutral piece that simply talked about how effective cigarette advertising was, and so on.

  • “Using Jesus in order to obtain blood is wrong.”

  • “In the movie by Morgan Freeman titled ‘Super Size Me’ shows that McDonald’s spends roughly about 2 billion dollars world wide on advertising there goods.”
  • “Although some advertisements lead to death, others bring hope and prosperity.”

  • “Household utensils, water, sleep, flour are all things people have or would buy without advertising.” (Read that list again, and ask yourself when was the last time you bought sleep…)
  • “Advertising affects consumers in what they buy (source D), in what they believe they need (sources C, D, F), and in what they perceive to be true (source B), despite ‘health risks’ (B) and even ‘death to a great number of babies’ (F).”
    (I think this kid writes for the Zagat guide)

  • “Some products that are marketed pose as health threats.” (Candygram… Pizza delivery … Health threat …)
  • “Ads also promote health … especially those put out by the ‘red Cross,’ (Red Cross). [They] inform the people on the different things they can do, like … ‘give blood.’ One ad may support the ‘cigarette industry,’ while another ad may inform people of the ‘health risks.’”
    (I think Bennett Brauer, Chris Farley’s “motivational speaker,” got ahold of “this essay.”)

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