Activism Lite update

No word yet on HIMYM, but I can tell you that both McDonald’s and Coke have written me back about my quest to get Coke Zero on soda fountains everywhere. McDonald’s said that they had forwarded my comments to Menu Management, which was sort of a template answer but at least sounds like it’s going to the right place within the company. Coke’s response was actually personal, saying that they’re glad I like Coke Zero so much and they’re sorry for any inconvenience with not finding it at fountain outlets. They recommended that I tell retailers how much I like it, so they’ll add it, which is of course exactly what I’m doing.

Ironically, Chipotle, which prides itself on personal responses to customer feedback (it was on one of their cups a few cycles back and also when you go to send a comment, they make a big deal of “This is Joe. He’ll read your email,” etc.), has not yet contacted me.

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