Activism Lite: think globally, act from your couch

I have two little spurts of mini-activism I’m engaged in. Both are trivial, of course, because you can’t do much to save the world from your laptop on your couch. You can, however, endeavor to make the world more comfortable, which both of my efforts do.

1) Save How I Met Your Mother: There have been lots of rumors floating around that HIMYM is on the brink of cancellation, fueled by Michael Ausiello’s (at most recent blind item, which hinted that some beloved TV comedy was in danger of cancellation because the network execs don’t get it. In part, the item said that “Because the knee-slapper isn’t perceived as a ‘bubble show,’ there are no fan campaigns being organized to help save it. In other words, there’s a very real chance this endangered series could be put out to pasture in May with nary a postcard mailed or petition signed.”

The fans who comment on Ausiello’s blind items seem to have decided conclusively that this refers to HIMYM, which would be very sad. Dan and I really like that show, because it’s about the only show on TV geared specifically to the post-college/pre-family demographic. The characters focus on relationships, of course, but also careers, their changing relationship with their parents now that they’re all adults, deciding if and when to get married, etc. There’s no worrying, yet, about mortgages, divorce, kids, retirement, all that. And yet, as Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) memorably pointed out in a recent episode, we’re past the stage where you ask your friends to pick you up at the airport, let you crash on their couch, or shlep your stuff when you move. We’re grown-ups, and grown-ups, as Barney says, “Catch a cab, book a room, hire some movers.” (Dan and I actually paused the TiVo at that point, looked at each other, and said, “Nice!”)

Some fans have actually started a web petition to save the show, and I’ve done my part by both signing the petition and independently writing to CBS to let them know that it would be a shame if they dropped this demographic from their lineup.

Update: CBS announced that HIMYM will return to the fall lineup this year, so we’re good for now!

2) Make Coke Zero available more places: The other make-the-world-more-comfortable activism I’m engaged in involves getting Coke Zero added to soda fountains everywhere. I’ve more or less made the switch over from regular Coke, and I’m excited that there’s actually a drinkable (which Diet Coke is not), calorie-free alternative to Coke. The problem is that while I can purchase as much Coke Zero for home use as I want, it’s kind of a moot point if the places where I eat out don’t carry it. I’m back to drinking Coke at those places, which kind of undermines the switch. So far I’ve emailed Coke, McDonald’s and Chipotle about this. Hopefully we’ll start to see some changes soon.

So there you go. I hope the world will benefit from my efforts to make it more convenient and funnier. I encourage everyone to get involved in these very minor ways to make us all live more comfortably.

2 Responses to “Activism Lite: think globally, act from your couch”

  1. regan
    March 30th, 2007 17:55

    What exactly is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero? I’ve been confused for months…

  2. Erin
    April 1st, 2007 14:29

    Coke Zero tastes like Coke, and Diet Coke has a different formulation. Coke Zero is Coke’s regular formulation with a different sweetener (NutraSweet, I think), and for Diet Coke they actually change the formula AND use NutraSweet. I guess it’s hard to describe. My problem with Diet Coke, and really all other alternative-sweetener drinks, is that it has an aftertaste. Coke Zero does too, but it’s slight, and if you drink it when it’s very, very cold, you hardly notice it.

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