Paranoia at the library!

I’ve been working at my library carrel a lot lately, because I’m writing my thesis this semester and my office is not conducive to work. I enjoy working there, but I have this little neurosis about my carrel. The carrels have nice, heavy sliding glass doors on them, and there’s a push lock on the outside: push it in, and the door is locked and can only be opened from the outside.

My fear is that I could be sitting in my carrel with the door shut, and someone could come along and just push the button on the outside and lock me in. I know, it’s weird and paranoid, but it kind of creeps me out, so I leave the carrel door just slightly ajar when I’m in there: closed enough that I shut out the sound, but just a crack open so that malicious persons walking past couldn’t just push the lock closed. I realize that this is not a likely scenario — who would walk past the carrels and think to themselves, “Hmm, I think I’ll lock people in their carrels?” I know it’s rather silly, but I still can’t entirely dismiss it.

I thought I was just being neurotic about this, but I noticed today that I’m not the only one who does this. There were some very noisy people down the hall from me, and I wanted to go glare at them menacingly to get them to shut up. As I walked down the row of carrels, I noticed that the ones that were occupied all were just slightly ajar. I suppose it’s possible that people leave them ajar for other reasons (air flow, ease of opening, who knows?), but I have to believe that the paranoia is not just contained to my cubicle.

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  1. Miles
    February 27th, 2007 06:35

    Don’t worry, my carrel makes me paranoid too. Or is that my looming thesis deadline? hmmm… Good luck!

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