The Prince Show

I have to go on record as saying that I thought Prince’s halftime show at the Super Bowl was Super Lame. I’m not a fan of Prince to begin with, but I really thought it was awful. For one thing, he didn’t play his own music for at least 75% of the show. What’s up with that? Instead we got covers of “All Along the Watchtower,” “Proud Mary,” and some Foo Fighters song. Is he afraid of his own music or something? Didn’t want to show off what he’s famous for? It was very strange.

However, apparently I’m in the minority with this opinion. Some of the guests at our Super Bowl party love Prince, and they seemed pleased by his performance. Two of my officemates, who usually can barely stand even to talk to each other, were gushing about how Prince is “their boy” and how he “set a new bar for Super Bowl performances.” And the guy over on Slate who reviewed the Super Bowl ads called “Purple Rain in the rain” a “rock god” moment.

Regardless, I was nonplussed. I kept waiting for the SNL “The Prince Show” segment to start, with Fred Armisen pretending to be Prince as a non-verbal talk show host and Maya Rudolph pretending to be his interpreter and theme song diva, Beyonce. I think I would’ve been more entertained by that than his actual performance.

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