Yuck fou, I guess

I remember in 1997 when Rice played UT in our “rivalry” football game. Dan and I were there; it was one of the few Rice football games we attended as undergraduates. (Actually I think we attended more games this season than we did in the whole of our undergraduate years.) Anyway, the students had T-shirts with “Tuck Fexas” on one side and “Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner” on the other, and we all thought they were terribly clever. As if we’d invented the whole swap-the-first-letters-to-avoid-really-swearing thing. UT couldn’t have cared less about the T-shirts, or the game, because really, how is Rice a competitor to get all worked up about? We’re the smallest Division I school out there. We’re hardly competitive at any sports, but particularly not football.

Twice this week, however, I have seen “Ruck Fice” T-shirts on the UH campus, in advance of the basketball “showdown” tonight between UH and Rice. Rice won the first of their two meetings earlier this month, in a 15-point comeback in the last few minutes of the 2nd half. I get that UH is stinging from that, but given that Rice has won all of their home games against UH for nine seasons, it shouldn’t be stinging so much that UH students are getting all riled up about tonight’s game on the UH campus. (In progress score: Rice 61, UH 65; 1:18 left in the game.) Seriously, I can’t believe UH considers this a big enough rivalry to have oh-so-clever T-shirts printed up to be worn all week. We’re Rice; you’re not supposed to take us seriously. Just look at the M.O.B. (which, to set the record straight once and for all, I was never in for even a day).

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