Chips, ahoy!

Dan and I ran a little experiment last night with our friends Chris and Amanda. We had signed up about two months ago for Kettle Chips’ “Passport to Flavor” promotion: for $20 they send you five new chip flavors that are not on the market (full-size bags!), and then you do taste testing and send in your votes. We had fully intended to open these and test them out sooner, but we both had colds when they arrived and we wanted clear palates. That didn’t happen until last week, and then we realized that these were full-size bags that we’d have open. We wanted to wait until we could have co-conspirators to help us out, which wasn’t until last night.

This year’s flavors, in designated (by Kettle Chips) tasting order, with a bit of commentary, were:

  • Dragon 5 Spice — A crowd pleaser, although not as spicy as we had hoped.
  • Royal Indian Curry — “It’s more like a meal than a snack!” (Amanda) That comment wasn’t entirely a compliment. It really did taste like curried potatoes, though, which was not a bad thing.
  • Island Jerk — Not a huge crowd pleaser. I think you have to like jerk flavor to begin with, and more than half of us had never had it before.
  • Twisted Chili Lime — Perhaps the widest appeal, which was not surprising, because it was very much like other chili lime chips that are already on the market. Nothing surprising, but very tasty.
  • Aztec Chocolate — We were split on this. Dan and I didn’t really like it, and Chris and Amanda did, so they took the bag home with them. It tastes very authentically like Mexican hot chocolate, and the fact that it’s a chip isn’t even that weird, but again, I think you have to have a taste for that (somewhat bitter chocolate mixed with very dry cinnamon).

So there you go. Unfortunately the voting for the Passport to Flavor program is already over, so this is all the world will ever hear of our chip adventure.

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