Rebecca Traister gets it wrong … again

Salon‘s Rebecca Traister is quickly becoming someone I actively despise. That’s a short list that you really don’t want to be on. I can’t refrain from commenting again on how wrong she is, time after time. Today’s ridiculous Traister tantrum is that telling young professional women, specifically doctors, not to bare their midriffs or wear cleavage-revealing shirts at work is anti-feminist. And once again, it is the letter writers — you know the readers who pay to support the magazine — who get it right. Emphasizing to young women that, if they want to be taken seriously, they ought to dress professionally, which means no using T&A to get ahead, is not an anti-feminist message, Ms. Traister.

Given that Salon has, as recently as a year ago, lamented permissive sexual culture among young females as damaging their sense of strong womanhood, Traister, as usual, sounds like a hypocrite. Why does Salon not rein her in, when she is clearly at odds with some of their reporting? I guess that would be anti-feminist.

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