Lurking somewhere

There was a dude lying in the (wet) grass when I came home from lunch today. He was directly across the street from the front gate of our building, with just his head and shoulders propped up against the building across the street. His legs were sticking out into the sidewalk in front of him. He looked at me as I went by in my car, answering Dan’s question of “Was he conscious?”

I watched him from the window upstairs for awhile, and occasionally I had the impression that he knew I was watching him. At Dan’s urging, I took a picture of him, I guess just to document this weird occurrence (Dan’s forever wanting pictorial evidence of everything). He seemed slightly too well-dressed to be a homeless guy, but too scruffy to be a locked out neighbor (and I’d never seen him before). The fact that he had chosen to lie in utterly wet grass (it’s been raining since last night here) also made it seem strange that he’d picked that spot at that moment.

I walked away and did something else in the apartment for a few minutes and then went back to check on him. And he was gone. Which actually made me a little more nervous. Now he’s like the spider you stalked into a corner, and then when you swatted at him, he dropped to the ground and you lost him. You know he’s there, but you can’t see him, and that makes it all the creepier.

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