Well, the Saturn is gone. And not a moment too soon. We were on our way to CarMax yesterday to sell it when it delivered the coup de grace: it wouldn’t start for over an hour. We attempted to have it towed to the dealer for them to look again at this so-called non-problem that they couldn’t find two weeks ago, but then the tow truck driver unexpectedly got it going after several attempts. His only suggestion: “Did you have the clutch really mashed into the floor?” (Yes.) Anyway, the dealer says it’s just loose battery connections and that it’s no big deal — and no charge. That got us to CarMax at least, where we sold the car, and then we ran to get our new Mazda 3. Copper red, very nice. I’m sure Dan will have pictures soon. Goodbye, [Saturn] old friend. In the end, I was just glad to be rid of you, which is sad and not really your fault. The 3 and I will try not to dance on your grave too much.

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