Jigglypuff attacked my car

My Saturn has, for a few weeks, been behaving suspiciously. It will on occasion not start. It’s not the click, click, click won’t start of a dead alternator, nor is it the battery, because we just replaced that last fall. It is, instead, more like the car has gone to sleep. I’ll have just used it a few minutes prior — like today when we stepped inside Earl of Sandwich and got our order to go — and then upon trying it again, it doesn’t start. The engine doesn’t even try to turn over. There’s just silence as I turn the key, and then all the dashboard lights come on as they would if it were starting properly, and that’s it. After a few minutes and a few more tries, it miraculously starts again. This led Dan to posit that Jigglypuff had attacked my car and put it to sleep.

Today’s incident was the third time in as many weeks that this has happened, and I’ve already had the Saturn dealership look at it. They found nothing wrong and couldn’t even replicate the behavior. So we’re just using this as another reason to put the Saturn to sleep and get a new car. The current front runner to replace it is the Mazda 3, which we’re looking at this week.

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