It’s a weird thing leaving your high school at the end of your junior year. I went to H.H. Dow High School in Midland, MI, for my sophomore and junior years, but then we moved to Texas my senior year and I finished at Clements High School in Sugar Land, TX. I get invited to my class reunions from Clements, but I’m not interested in going because of the half a dozen or so friends I made in one year, there are only a few I wonder about and of those there are some that I could still be keeping in touch with if we so chose. This is out of a class of 900 people, so it doesn’t seem worth going to the reunions on the off-chance that I might know someone there.

I don’t get invited to the Dow reunions, because I didn’t actually graduate from there (despite Chandreyi’s assurances that I’d always be invited because she’s the class chair). So I found out only a few weeks ago through some random and nostalgic web surfing that there had been a 10-year reunion last fall. As I flipped through the photos and comments from my classmates, I thought:

AC – You always seemed crazy, because you would go walking in the sewers before school and you kind of talked to yourself, making up words like “Yee!” From the photos, it looks like you haven’t changed. Is it an act to get attention, or should you be on medication? I still can’t tell.

MG – It says you’re married with kids and an intellectual property lawyer now. Your comments make you sound like you’re not a bitch anymore. I wonder if that’s true.

RG – People said you were a lesbian. Were you? Or was it just catty rumor-mongering? I wonder about my classmates in general, in fact, because statistically some of them have to be gay or lesbian, but no one was out in high school.

MBW – I can see from your comments that you’re a mom and very active in your church. I think back to when I overheard you commenting once about EG, “He’s a nice guy; it’s a shame he’s going to hell because he’s Jewish.” Would you think that about me now?

ML – You live in Houston now and are teaching at an inner-city middle school. I’ve given some thought to contacting you, but it would probably be weird. What would we have to talk about?

MS, JW, EG – Where are you?

Most of all I wonder if anyone remembers that I went to school with them. There was an exchange student who was apparently only there for senior year, and he was invited and posted a message. Am I like that guy, trying to validate my tenuous connection to all the “real” Dow High graduates? Would they invite me to the reunions if they knew where I am, and would I want to go if they did? It’s not like I’d ask any of these things to their faces if I saw them again, so maybe it’s more fun to sit and speculate.

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  1. Jonathan Weitz
    August 15th, 2007 10:02

    with respect to your question “JW, where are you?” I’m here (NYC).

  2. Jolene
    February 1st, 2008 09:59

    I ran into your blog while looking for reunion contacts. If the class was looking for your contact information and couldn’t find it..make sure you keep the Dow High Website updated (the alumni database) so that the class can find you… I’m a reunion contact myself, and it is very easy to lose track of people. Thanks!
    Jolene L., webmaster,

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