Erin’s Balance Ball Workout

(Don’t try this at home, unless you’re looking for new ways to inflict pain on yourself.)

Step 1:
Ask for a balance ball for Christmas/Chanukah.
Step 2:
Inflate it using the tiny handpump they give you. This is a workout in itself and may take up to an hour.
Step 3:
Discover that to use the balance ball you actually have to be in good shape first, as it requires very strong core muscles to stay balanced.
Step 4:
Put the ball away for six months while you do other exercises to get into shape.
Step 5:
Bring the ball out again to attempt some ball-assisted crunches.
Step 6:
Fall backwards off the ball and crack your head against your bedframe.
Step 7:
Apply ice.

Seriously, I do not recommend this workout to anyone.

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