My hair will look good but feel guilty

My stylist has left the salon I go to, which means I’m faced with a dilemma: follow her to a new salon or stay with the old salon and a new stylist. On the surface, it seems like an easy choice, because I’ve been getting my hair cut by this woman for over two years, and I really like what she does with my color, cut, etc. Also, she’s very nice. Over the past two years, I’ve referred at least 3 or 4 other people to her, and they’ve always been very happy.

However, she’s gone and complicated my decision-making process by 1) going to a non-Aveda salon, which is a dealbreaker for me and 2) not telling us that she was leaving. I was just there two weeks ago, and she said nothing. Then one of my referred friends called about three days after I was in there and was told that she was no longer with the salon. WTF? No explanation, just her cell phone number in case he wanted to call her and find out where she was cutting hair now.

Normally, I would feel like my loyalty is to the stylist, with whom I’ve built a rapport and all that. I was, after all, going to the salon for her, not just because I liked the salon. But she’s kind of broken that loyalty by not even telling me, a long-time client, that she’s moving on. I’ve since found out that the salon gave her her whole client list with names and phone numbers, so if she truly wanted her clients to follow her, you’d think she’d have contacted them.

My friend who tried to go in last week went to a different stylist at the old salon, and he reported back that she’s also very good, so I’m going to switch my loyalty to her. The other thing is that the salon has all the information on the color my old stylist was using, and I need that info. Otherwise I’ll really have to start from scratch.

This is all, of course, a long way of justifying my abandonment of the old stylist, since I will certainly still feel guilty that first time I go “cheat” on her with the new stylist.

2 Responses to “My hair will look good but feel guilty”

  1. Di
    May 30th, 2006 22:03

    This is a very serious topic. Next to who you’ll marry, who will cut your hair is of paramount importance. I say all bets are off since she left without letting you know, unless there was some sort extenuating personal circumstances of which you were unaware. But what’s the deal with a non-Aveda salon? A salon is nothing more than the folks who work there, isn’t it? Maybe there’s a whole other layer of hair salon savvy that I lack (likely, as witnessed by my grey hair).

  2. erinmak
    May 31st, 2006 09:20

    Aveda is really important to me, because there are no chemicals in it. I’ve been using only Aveda products for about 6 years, and I don’t want to start putting chemicals all over my head again. And given that my old stylist is a Scientologist and has lectured at least one client I know about the thetans her body contains from years of impurity, I’m surprised that she would now be working at a non-Aveda salon. Who can say?

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