Special double issue

Two posts in one day! You’re very lucky.

I never feel more like a grad student and scholar than when I’m writing papers. (I never feel more like I don’t want to be a student and scholar than when I’m grading papers, but that’s another issue.)

I’ve got my little set-up here — kudos to Dan — with my papers all spread out, books piled high. I’ve (we’ve) rigged it up so that I can both be sitting on the couch and have an ergonomically feasible computer stand (wire rack that’s about thigh-high when standing) and then I use the coffee table for workspace to spread out. It’s really just perfect, and it makes me happy to have such an efficient space to work in.

(If I were Dan, I’d take a photo of the space and post it on Flickr, complete with tags and call-outs and stuff.  I’m not Dan.)

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