More Lost speculation

It occurred to me today that what all (or nearly all) of the survivors of Flight 815 have in common is death: Jack’s dad; Locke’s “father”; Kate’s stepfather; Walt’s mother/Michael’s wife; Ana Lucia’s partner Danny (Dani?); and, getting into the less directly-related ones, the guy Jin killed when he came home with blood on his hands, the people who died when Hurley broke the deck, Shannon’s father/Boone’s stepfather, etc.

What if all of these people are not dead but are on the island somehow? What if they are the Others? I have no idea if that’s where the storyline is going, but it does seem to be a weird commonality that they’ve all lost someone important to or close to them. I just wanted to be on record (again) as prescient in case this pans out.

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