… And back

That’s right: we’ve been to London and back.  It was fantastic, and I’ll say more later, but quickly some things I’ve learned about London that I did not know before:

  • You can get Krispy Kreme at all the department stores’ Food Halls (M&S, Harrod’s, Selfridge’s, etc.). You can no longer get Krispy Kreme in Houston, but you can in London. Go figure.
  • “Rocket” = “arugula,” which would’ve been good to know, because we spent the whole four days avoiding this weird-sounding veg. I was particularly put off, because my first introduction to the concept (I did not eat it) was a pre-packed “Shrimp and Rocket” sandwich at Pret, which just sounded disgustingly awful. The whole rest of the trip “rocket” was synonymous with “shrimp and rocket (and mayo)” for me, hence the avoidance.
  • I learned that the “shepherd’s daughter” was a torture device used in the 17th century on religious and political prisoners, which enabled me to catch a reference to it in George Herbert’s poetry, which I was reading for class on my way back.

More fun facts and photos later…

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