Who’s teaching it?

I think it’s funny that whenever you say you’re not enjoying a class, or you’re bored, or you don’t like the readings or whatever, the first question other grad students ask is, “Who’s teaching it?”  I realize that enjoyment of a class has a lot to do with the professor, I just think it’s funny that that’s invariably the first question.  I hope my students aren’t getting asked this by their peers…

2 Responses to “Who’s teaching it?”

  1. Dan
    February 1st, 2006 00:39

    Actually, I think this happens with undergrads, too—especially in courses where different sections are taught by different professors. (Rice grads, think: HUMA, PHYS, CHEM, MATH intro classes.)

  2. eMann
    February 2nd, 2006 21:08

    There’s a freshman in my Calligraphy class, and I’m just waiting for him to complain about his Rhetoric class so I can ask him who’s teaching it, and then be like, oh, she’s my best friend. Ass. That would be awesome, because this kid irritates the hell out of me. The end.

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