Houston Public TV sucks too

I have long taken issue with Houston Public Radio, because they only run NPR feeds about 4 hours out of every day, which leaves me only right-wing talk radio to listen to when I don’t want music.

Now, however, I have a similar beef with Houston Public Television. While in San Antonio last weekend, Dan and I caught the first episode of the new series “Manor House,” which is a British series where normal, 21st-century people agree to live for three months as though they’re from an earlier time. In “Manor House,” it’s the Edwardian era (very early 20th century), although previous editions have included “Regency House Party” (early 19th century) and “1900 House.”

Surprisingly, Dan was as hooked on “Manor House” after that first episode as I was, so when we got back to Houston, I checked TiVo’s listings for Houston’s PBS station. I was astonished to find out that Houston’s PBS station is running “Manor House” only on their HDTV station. In the time slot when “Manor House” is running on the HDTV station, stupid “Antiques Roadshow” is running on the regular PBS station.

Stupid, useless public TV and radio with their stupid shows nobody cares about. Where is my good radio and TV?! KUHF-TV will also be receiving no money from me anytime soon, and not just because I have none to send them.

2 Responses to “Houston Public TV sucks too”

  1. Dan
    January 12th, 2006 01:22

    According to the Manor House site, here’s what I’ll be up to in 1905:

    Career Prospects
    Through a mixture of hard work and intelligence you do well in your work as a schoolmaster. You receive a pension but don’t live to enjoy it as you’re killed in the First World War.

    Ah, crap.

  2. Emann
    January 13th, 2006 16:31

    Hey! Antiques Roadshow is not stupid.

    Also, Regency House Party was *awesome*.

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