I’m in

Well, it’s official: I’ll be matriculating in the Master’s of English Literature program at University of Houston in the fall. I’m thrilled and terrified all at the same time. The terror comes from the fact that from Day 1, I’ll be teaching freshman composition classes.The best part about this is that it feels really right. I fought against being an English major for a long time. As an undergrad, it seemed like a cop-out to be an English major: reading novels was a hobby, not something to study and apply myself to. I decided that, while I had to be interested in my subject to study it, certainly, I also wanted to choose a major with some practical implications. Esoteric as linguistics may be, it has marginally more marketability than English, if only because of the glut of English majors all over the country. Heck, if I picked up a pertinent language, the government would be knocking at my door. That’s job security for you.

It seemed impractical to turn myself into just another English major, so I avoided English, even though I did far better in my English classes at Rice than any other subject. Now, after a few years of “real world” practicality, I’m thrilled at the prospect that I can read books for a living. Sure, it’ll be alongside grading really bad freshman papers, but my responsibilities for the next several years will revolve mainly around reading and writing papers. I haven’t been this excited about my work life in … well, ever.

Here I come …

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