Donk donk … zzzz…

You’ve perhaps heard of the (or the several) Law & Order drinking game. Because I’m lame and because I’m getting old, I propose instead The Law & Order Snoozing Game

  1. Begin watching L&O episode.
  2. Watch the first 25 minutes to get a sense of the characters, the plot, and a hint of the “classic Law & Order twist.”
  3. Fall asleep around halfway through the show.
  4. Wake up around 0:55 and see if you can accurately guess the outcome of the show from what you learned before you fell asleep.

It’s fun, I promise. It’s better when someone — like Dan, for example — sits and watches with you, so they can evaluate the accuracy of your guess.

One Response to “Donk donk … zzzz…”

  1. Bob in Jersey
    May 25th, 2006 15:54


    My mother would have LOVED this…for two minutes. Then she would have SMACKED my ass all over the house! Even with her bad legs!

    (She is >70, and has had a problem with dozing off during many a TV show dating back to, I think, 1975…)

    Pity TNT is replacing it with Without a Trace in June…

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