Loved it!

We went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow this afternoon, and it took my breath away. It was awesome and wonderful. I can’t help ranking it up there with Star Wars for a dazzling, thrilling sci-fi ride. It had a thought-provoking Wellsian plot, was beautifully shot, and featured steady, unhammy acting. It was lovingly a period piece, and it blended the sci-fi comic book and film noir genres without parodying them. It was Indiana Jones and Metropolis and The Island of Doctor Moreau all rolled into one.

It didn’t have over-the-top plot twists. There were no jump-inducing shocks. The dialogue wasn’t stilted or silly. No one was trying too hard. In short, it wasn’t a blockbuster. Which is a shame in a way: I read this week that Sky Captain isn’t expected even to make back the money it cost to produce the film. And I think we all know that movies that don’t make money don’t get sequels. They don’t get emulated. So, in a few summers, we’ll get another Spiderman, we’ll get another Jerry Bruckheimer explos-a-thon (National Treasure 2, anyone?), we may even get another Mummy movie. But there won’t be a Sky Captain and the Search for Freedom or anything like it.

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