“Can I help you find anything?”

Dan and I went to Eddie Bauer last week, and we started out in Eddie Bauer Home, looking at quilts. One of the clerks — an older, heavyset woman with frizzy hair and glasses, wearing a denim shirt — helped us open one up and watched us deliberate over several others. She then watched us walk next door into the clothing section to think some more about these quilts.

While we were walking around the clothing section, we were approached by the same woman, who walked over and said, “Can I help you find anything?” Dan and I just looked at each other and said, “No, thanks,” luckily before we started giggling. As she walked away, Dan said, “Did she …? Isn’t she …?” And I said, “I know! She’s the one who just helped us!”

But then Dan turned and caught a glimpse into the home store again. He turned back and said, “It’s not the same woman!” Sure enough, there are two. We can only guess that they’re twins. We were in there again over the weekend and experienced the same thing, only this time, they were wearing pink.

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