Can you feel the love?

How important is it that you like the environment you work in? Six months in, I’m beginning to think about this.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying my job. It’s more challenging and more rewarding than the last one. I’m now juggling several large projects and progessively getting to manage more and more.

On the other hand, I had lunch today with my old coworkers, and it reminded me that hanging out with the people you work with is really nice. It’s nice to eat lunch with people, not at your desk. It’s nice to converse with the people you work with, as opposed to interacting with them on purely a professional level, like robots.

Sure, there were some references to Africa. Jen-Jen brought up the bam-bams, and an alum who had chewed me out on more than one occasion decided to come along, just for kicks. But, I weighed all of that against my typical lunch where I eat my bag lunch at my desk, reading news on the Internet for a few minutes. Today’s lunch was better: these people cared that my sister is having a baby; they were concerned that our house hasn’t sold; they asked how Dan’s enjoying grad school.

I went back to my desk and didn’t talk to anyone about anything remotely unprofessional for the rest of the day.

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