Dive! Dive! Dive!

I shall write about the women’s 3m springboard diving now, because that is what I’m doing with my evening. I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics, which I didn’t expect to. It’s so much better with Tivo, though, since I can just go right past all the boring events, like anything involving running or volleyball.

Really what I wanted to say, though, was that I was struck by Blythe Hartley and Rachelle Kunkel in the diving competition. Not their performances so much as their physiques. These women are the perfect response to the very small-minded young ladies I worked with in my conference this summer.

These girls I worked with started jabbering one day, rather cruelly, about how fat the participants in our conference were. It was initiated by the girl who ran our break area, who was getting her jollies imitating the large participants waddling up to the ice cream freezer and taking a snack. It escalated into a debate about how “it’s their choice” when one or two of the kinder girls in the group felt bad about laughing at the imitations.

At first, I sat back as the “adult” in the group, just marvelling at the complete lack of debate skills these girls demonstrated. The girls arguing that it was just a choice for the fat to remain fat basically resorted to “talk to the hand” logic. When the ridiculousness of their argumentative process goaded me into trying to guide them, I put forth examples of people with thyroid conditions and so forth. This was met with, “Nuh-uh. That doesn’t happen. They can still control their weight. They still have a choice.” Uh, no, they don’t…that’s kind of the point.

Anyway, watching the springboard competition this evening, I thought back to that conversation. Rachelle Kunkel and Blythe Hartley are not svelte. I wouldn’t quite call them zaftig, either, but that’s mostly because I think that word is overused by the media. They’re clearly top athletes who train hard, and yet their physiques make a strong case for the fact that eating right and working out hard won’t necessarily make you skinny. I feel like tracking down the little stick insects from this summer to say, “Nah nah nah nah boo boo.”

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  1. james chen
    April 9th, 2007 03:03

    great post!! informative!

  2. G-Funk
    August 20th, 2007 19:16

    The sad thing is, the national team coaches at one time gave Blythe such a hard time, that she did lose the weight. She was still very healthy, but then her teammates at USC were spreading rumors that she was anorexic! It made me so angry because, despite the fact that she decided to actually focus a little bit more on her diet(she really didn’t have to because she’s such a naturally gifted, powerful athlete), the girls were still jealous that she was going to be in the same “weight class” as they, and still kick their butts on the board! Stupid people!

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