14 years

This is how long it’s been since the Pistons were in the NBA playoffs. I know this because I watched them beat the Pacers in a rather stunning comeback this evening (the first quarter was remarkably bad), and the announcers commented on the time gone by.

The Pistons taught me to love basketball, back when Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars took on Magic Johnson and Larry Byrd. I couldn’t help smirking at Larry Byrd’s disappointment at the Pacers’ loss tonight — I was trained from a young age to revel in Larry Byrd’s defeat.

I’ve been rabidly watching the playoffs since the Rockets fell to the Lakers in the first round. The Rockets, of course, rekindled my love of basketball in my last years of high school when Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde the Glide stomped all over No-Lips Stockton and Charles Barkley (before he joined their team just to get a ring … right when the Rockets stopped being good. Ha HA, suck on that Sir Charles!). But the Lakers killed that series in rather short order. Which was sad, because this was the Rockets’ first appearance in the playoffs since, well, the last time they were good and I watched them back in high school.

At first, I hoped that the Spurs could avenge the Rockets’ loss, being the other local team and all. And then I felt like the Timberwolves were worth rooting for, since Minneapolis isn’t that far from Detroit. Really, I would’ve rooted for anyone to take the Lakers out, but no such luck. Now I’ll get to watch the Lakers almost certainly take down the Pistons in 5, but at least I’ll have a hometown team to root for.

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