Things That are Different at my New Job

  • Lunchtime is not an event. People eat when and where they want, and there’s no central area for people to gather and eat together. (bad)
  • Our receptionist is more than competent. Yeah, she doesn’t take a million personal calls, she’s very friendly and helpful, and she seems to always be in a good mood. (good)
  • I can order supplies without feeling guilty about the budget. We seem to actually have money and staff to do the things we want and need to do. I got to order a new office chair on my first day. No, in fact, I was told to order a new office chair by my boss. (good)
  • I have my own printer and fax machine in my office. And I was allowed to rearrange my office however I want to, because it’s important that I be “comfortable.” I was also encouraged to order new office furniture if I “need” it. (good)
  • We have a golf cart. Self-explanatory. (good)
  • Our building is an office of the future. Each office is individually temperature controlled by computer, and if I get too cold or too hot, I can go change my office temperature. (good, especially if you know how chilly I usually am)
  • My boss seems to support and respect me. Admittedly, it’s only been a week, but already she’s said things like, “It’s been so great to have you around” and “I realize that you’re not going to know everything. You couldn’t possibly! But that will be hard for me to remember, because you seem really competent already.” (good)

Are we seeing the pattern here? This job already outweighs the old one. Thank G-d!

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