“Senior Moments” for $200, Alex

This blog is dedicated to my dad, who had a carotid bypass this morning. He’s doing fine.

So, as you might have guessed from the above, my dad was in the hospital today. And therefore, I called him on my way home from work yesterday to wish him luck with everything. Actually, I called my mom’s cell phone, and she suggested I call him on his cell phone to tell him directly, because they were getting ready to go to church.

I hung up, and immediately dialed their home phone, because I knew they were still at home. My dad picked up immediately, and we had the following conversation:

Dad Yello…
me Hi! I just wanted to call and say that we love you and we hope everything goes well tomorrow.
Dad Oh yeah, thank you dear. We’re getting ready for church. On the first Wednesday of every month, they do the Anointing of the Sick, so I’m going to get that.
me Well, that’ll be good.
Dad OK, sweetie, we’ve got to get going. Love you too. See you tomorrow.

I hung up and continued on my way home. Less than two minutes later, I got a call on my cell phone from my dad’s cell phone, and we had the following conversation:

me Hi…
Dad You were going to call me.
me (very confused) Huh?
Dad You were going to call me. On my cell phone. Mom said you were going to call me on my cell phone.
me I just called you at home! Two minutes ago!
(I’m seriously thinking at this point that my dad is having his first major “senior moment.”)
Dad What?! No. That was Kelly!
me That was me!
Dad I could’ve sworn that was Kelly. You sounded exactly alike! Well, we’re about to go to church … as you already know. Fill Kelly in. OK … see you tomorrow.

Of course, as soon as I hung up, I had to call my sister and laugh together. We really don’t sound alike, what with her thick Texan accent and all. We conceded that maybe from “Hello?” you couldn’t tell the difference between us (or between either of us and our mom, for that matter), but for a several-sentence conversation — with a parent, no less! — we’re easily distinguishable.

Ah, Dad…

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