Random and bizarre

First a note from the editor: Since Jeremy chastised me soundly for not blogging often enough, I’m going to make more of an effort to keep up with it. But be forewarned, I am still travelling quite a bit, so until the end of February and even into March, it may be quite sporadic.

On my way in to work this morning, the guy ahead of me was driving a beige-gray, older Lincoln Town Car. He was also an older gentleman, probably early to mid-60s, talking on a cell phone. As we approached the Beltway 8 overpass (very slowly), he was no longer on the phone, but he began waving to a woman standing on the overpass next to a parked car. I looked up as well, assuming that the two had no connection, and actually wondered briefly if the woman was getting ready to jump or what. But then she pulled out a camera and took a picture of the guy in the Town Car. Just him, none of the other cars. And he just drove on, all the way up into Houston.

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