Done, done, on to the next one

New pet peeve: the use of the term “switching wives” to refer to a man who has divorced and remarried. A coworker used this today to describe several different men in different conversations. One amusing story was about how she ran into a guy whom she’d known since their kids were little and in school together, but he wasn’t with his old wife. Turns out he’d “switched wives!” Boy, good thing she didn’t put her foot in her mouth!

Honestly, though, it really bothered me how cavalierly she was tossing around this term, “switching wives.” She referred to it as casually as she might have said, “Oh, he switched cars since the last time I saw him,” or “He switched his haircut. He’s stopped perming it.”

By the way, the coworker who was saying this? Yeah, divorced and remarried.

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