Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

Got chewed out by the university president today. Let me tell you, that just ain’t pleasant (despite what you may have been thinking). Yep, got an earful of, “I’d think after ten years you people would know how to do this.” The podium wasn’t in place for his impromptu speech at a luncheon.

This wasn’t my event; I was just asked to staff it by the person who put the event together. And the information I was given was that the president would be “dropping by to say hello.” Apparently that was code for “he’ll be giving remarks for 15 minutes or so, so be sure you get a podium in place.”

What burns me about this is that the president now has a low opinion of me, saying as much to my boss as he left — something about how “unprofessional” I was. But the person who actually organized the event and should have: a) better prepared me for the situation, and b) followed through on all the details of the event, including ordering a podium — that’s right, she remains “fabulous,” both in her own mind and the president’s.

The president is stepping down at the end of this school year. The person in charge of this event is not. I’d be happier with the reverse.

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