A real San Francisco treat. On Halloween, no less!

I don’t usually do this, because, you know, I’m not Dan and I don’t want my blog to just be a bunch of links to stuff I find interesting. I’d rather actually share my opinion. But this article on Salon about the San Francisco mayoral is just so good. It helped me understand why I hated living there: if Rush Limbaugh’s show bills itself as the “Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies,” San Francisco should bill itself as the “Supreme University for Advanced Liberal Studies.” The nuances within the left in the Bay Area were too numerous and subtle for me to sort through and figure out where to ally myself. It was exhausting to try to decide which kind of liberal I was there. But it’s a fascinating article that distills and defines the nuances in such a way that I grasp the differences between the candidates, at least. I’m glad I don’t have to vote there, though.

Now, the Houston mayoral race — that’s one I wish I could vote in. I completely understand the system of government in place throughout the country, and yet I’m still irked that in a metropolitan area, the suburbanites can’t help decide the outcome of a race that will impact their daily lives as much as any of the urbanites. I spend at least eight hours a day in Houston (much more, when you factor in my commute), but I can’t vote for the guy who will control the city budget that will determine Metro allocations, police presence, and hospital funding.

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