Graham Colton

Went to see Graham Colton perform at the Engine Room last night. They were the guys that opened for Counting Crows and John Mayer when we saw them in August. A good time was not had by all, and we left in the middle of Graham’s set, not because they were bad — not at all, they were great — but because we were cold and tired and some of us were sick. Learned a few things, though:

  1. The Engine Room? Kind of chilly, which I certainly wasn’t expecting. I guess the couple dozen bodies standing in unenthusiastic loose bunches didn’t warm the giant space like you might have expected.
  2. Will Hoge from Nashville, TN? Is not Graham Colton from Dallas, TX, although they were also a good band. We hadn’t been aware that there would be two opening acts: one spectacularly bad local group, whose name we couldn’t even discern and who looked like IT consultants on a night off, and then Will Hoge, whose name we discerned mostly from the posters in the bathroom saying that he was playing 10/22.
  3. When a club says “8:00″ for the start time, that means that doors open at 8:15, no one plays until 8:45, and the band you came to see will take the stage at around 10:30.
  4. School nights were not made for going to clubs to hear bands play, unless you’re still in high school. We were all pooped by 11:30, and I still had to make corn muffins for work today! Sorry, Graham. You guys are good, but not “dragging into work late” good.

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