“I started out having a pretty shitty day … but it’s a lot better now.”

Yes, the big day finally arrived. No — not my birthday. R.E.M.! And it seems that Michael Stipe and I had the same kind of day today, since that’s his quote at the top. Although I’m guessing that he didn’t start out cradling a toilet, but whatever…

Anyway, R.E.M. was the most awesomest thing EVAR. It was truly the 2nd happiest moment in my life* to be jumping up and down and screaming along to “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” with thousands and thousands of other people. We made Michael Stipe happy, so you know, that’s a pretty great accomplishment.

I hurt and must sleep. But for very different reasons than when I got up this morning. Thank you, Mike, Michael, and Peter. And Dan, of course, for kicking off my birthday in the best fashion I could ever have asked for.

*You really shouldn’t have to ask: marrying Dan.

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