Now you know for sure that we’re not Chinese.

(In case you previously had doubts.)

Dan and I seem to have a magical cricket infestation. Perhaps an infestation of one, if Dan’s theory is correct. Over the course of two hours this evening, we saw four crickets in our front hall, which Dan kept flushing down the toilet each time. And about a half-hour later another one would appear. Dan believes that it was some kind of magical cricket that kept swimming out of the toilet bowl and reappearing in the hallway. To test the theory, we (he) squashed it on the fourth go-round, pronouncing it dead and disposing of it in the trash instead of the toilet.

Of course, now we’ve probably brought a curse on our brand-new house. Or we didn’t listen closely enough to hear it say it was a good luck cricket/leprechaun that could lead us to pots of gold. Or something.

(NB: At least partially debunking Dan’s theory is the fact that the first time we saw it, he accused the cats of having ripped one of its legs off. And the last three all had their proper six-legged crawliness. And debunking my theory is the fact that there’s no such thing as cricket leprechauns with pots of gold.)

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