Cleveland does not rock

Saw American Splendor this afternoon. It was a good movie, and often amusing. However, mostly it was a downer. Harvey Pekar, the main character and the real-life comic book writer the movie is based on, apparently makes his living talking about what shit his life is. I mean, he ends the movie on a very slightly happier note than where he begins, but basically, he’s depressed throughout. Three unhappy marriages, cancer, dead-end job, weird and anti-social friends.

On the other hand, it did make us all (well, at least Dan and me) grateful for our comparatively sunny outlooks on life. I mean, I am generally happy with the trajectory my life seems to be following. I do complain a lot, but I like to believe that that’s because I’ve elevated it to an art form, which many people find amusing (if that’s not the case, feel free to tell me I’m just a big whiner).

Well, anyway, it was a good flick, if a bummer. Cheer up, Harv — drink a little chamomile tea and go see Pirates of the Caribbean. If an over-the-top Johnny Depp prancing across the high seas can’t put a smile on your face, you’re just too far gone.

Bonus points for Harvey: his comic book series is based on the everyday tribulations of his very run-of-the-mill life. All of us came away with the sense that his comics are like a blog. I therefore dub him the Original B.L.O.G.

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