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“I started out having a pretty shitty day … but it’s a lot better now.”

Sunday, September 21st, 2003

Yes, the big day finally arrived. No — not my birthday. R.E.M.! And it seems that Michael Stipe and I had the same kind of day today, since that’s his quote at the top. Although I’m guessing that he didn’t start out cradling a toilet, but whatever… Anyway, R.E.M. was the most awesomest thing EVAR. […]

Wishy, and also washy.

Sunday, September 14th, 2003

With 26 approaching at a rate I can only describe as terrifying, I’ve noticed a shift in my attitude recently: regret. I never used to have regrets. Neither did Dan, apparently. Once something was in the past, it was in the past, and I moved on. If I didn’t like what had happened or what […]


Friday, September 12th, 2003

I am, apparently, a soulless hull of what used to be a human being. Some kind of emotional zombie, perhaps. I may be the only American who is not grieving on September 11 (who is not also plotting against the government). For full disclosure, I should state that I never grieved over what happened on […]

The double “D” is for doubly disappointing…

Thursday, September 11th, 2003

Today was a bad day. Especially for things beginning with the letter D. The dumbass woman in front of me during my commute this morning was doing everything short of actually moving forward in her vehicle: brushing her hair, talking on her cell phone, reaching down to the floorboards of her vehicle repeatedly, applying moisturizer […]

Now you know for sure that we’re not Chinese.

Saturday, September 6th, 2003

(In case you previously had doubts.) Dan and I seem to have a magical cricket infestation. Perhaps an infestation of one, if Dan’s theory is correct. Over the course of two hours this evening, we saw four crickets in our front hall, which Dan kept flushing down the toilet each time. And about a half-hour […]

Where is the liberal media?

Friday, September 5th, 2003

What media can a young, center-leftist in the United States listen to and/or read to form her opinions these days? I miss NPR so badly. Of course, I’m defining NPR as KQED or WBUR. Sure, Houston has an NPR affiliate, but about 80% of the time it’s playing classical music from the University of Houston. […]

They’re truly freakin’ everywhere…

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

I never subscribed to the ultra-lefty (very California) attitude that giant corporations are sucking away our souls. (Who’s more obsessed with the capitalist machine, really — greedy CEOs who crush neighborhood competition, or lefties who seem to believe that our souls are inextricably bound to the dollars in our wallets? For the record, my vote […]

Cleveland does not rock

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003

Saw American Splendor this afternoon. It was a good movie, and often amusing. However, mostly it was a downer. Harvey Pekar, the main character and the real-life comic book writer the movie is based on, apparently makes his living talking about what shit his life is. I mean, he ends the movie on a very […]